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Davie Landscape and Lawncare LLC

126 Elmwood St.

Mocksville, NC 27028-2124


North Carolina Pesticide License No. 026-28150

Greencare for Troops


Natural beauty is OUR business.

A beautiful, natural landscape...

is what everyone desires for the area surrounding their home. Not only is it pleasing to your eye and the eye of those who pass by, but a properly maintained lawn and landscape adds tremendous value to your home. They can withstand the harsh summers and winters of North Carolina and will become a relaxing escape from daily life.

We all have choices when it comes to our landscape professionals. But, ask yourself, what do you want from your landscape? Do you want eye opening splashes of color amid a sea of dark, lush turf? Do you want thick, full beds of ornamental grasses backed against shrubs and dwarf trees? Do you have a shady front yard that requires a more inventive touch to achieve your goals? Is your landscape professional listening and working with you on your ideas?

Davie Landscape and Lawncare has a long-standing tradition of value, integrity, and customer service. We know in today's world, these three things are often cast aside in pursuit of profits. We cannot. Our business and the clients who hire us demand it. To learn more about Davie Landscape and Lawncare and the people behind our business, please view the Who are We section.

Davie Landscape and Lawncare LLC serves the Triad and Metrolina areas of North Carolina. We are a locally owned and operated business. Remember, using a local company keeps your money in your economy.




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 Davie Landscape and Lawncare LLC is a trusted licensed and insured business with over 13 years of experience.

Davie Landscape and Lawncare LLC is a US Army Service Member owned company.

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